November 6th
3-D Stereoscopic Photography


Stereoscopic Viewers


1.       6 X 13 cm Unis-France "Standard:" Hand-held box type wood viewer, c. 1930 to as late as 1947,

by A. Mattey, 15 Rue Clavel, Paris with the "Unis-France/76 – Standard –3/Stereoscopes, Paris" metal label on the top.  Box type focusing mount with double rack guided by brass strip and pin on each side,  Beveled housing.  Mirror in the hinged door on top.  An attractive viewer.

2.       6 X 13 cm Richard Stereoscope Brevete S.G.D.G.: Hand-held box type wood viewer, c. 1920s by

Jules Richard, Paris.  "Vues Prises AVEC LE/Verascope Richard" ivory label on the front with rack & pinion focusing,  Missing the mirror from the door on top.  The guide plate on the side is missing.  Overall attractive viewer with minor wear to the wood. 

3.       Holmes-Bates Stereoscope on Stand: c. 1870s veneered wood hood (with some veneer missing) with

a folding handle that fits into a nice turned wood base.  The card-holder prongs fold down.  Overall complete except for missing veneer. 

4.       Box lot of Holmes-Bates Incomplete Viewers: Lot of approx. 9 wood viewers, all missing various

parts.  Some missing lenses, handles, hoods, focusing slides.  Also includes a couple complete focusing slides.  All can be restored or used for restoration parts.

5.       Revere Stereo 22 Viewer: 35mm stereo viewer with operating instructions.  In original box which is

worn.  The electrical connections need to be cleaned, otherwise works fine.

6.       Kodak Kodaslide Stereo Viewer I: 35mm stereo viewer.  Nice clean viewer with all parts working.

7.       Turned Wood Base for Holmes Stereoscope: Nice turned wood base for a table-model with slot/hole at top for insertion of bracket to tilt viewer (no viewer, just the base), overall nr Exc.

8.       Lot of 2 Plastic Viewers for Stori-Vue  Slides: Red plastic marked "CC-STL  MFD U.S.A."  No slides.  Overall near excellent, no chips or damage.

9.       nu3Dvu Viewer: Wood hood with interocular adjustment for viewing large stereo pairs.  Elastic headband for hands-free viewing.  Excellent.


Stereoscopic Cameras


10.    Linex Stereo camera: A scarce 16mm camera made by the Linex Corporation, a Division of the

Lionel Corporation, New York City, c. 1950s.  A short-lived attempt by the famous toy train manufacturer into the 3-D photographic world.  Highly precision camera in black and chrome metal with hard-plastic lenses shades and viewfinder.  Overall excellent. 

11.    ImageTech Single Use 3D Camera: Early 1990s 3-lens camera by Image Technology International,

Inc., Norcross, GA.  Made 16 lenticular 3-D prints.  MNO in colorful box w/Ritz Camera price tag affixed to the front of the box.


Miscellaneous Non-Stereoscopic Photo items


12.    Kodak No. 3-A Folding Pocket Kodak, Model C: c. 1909 large folding camera, black bellows with

cable release.  Bausch & Lomb lens.  Pebble grain black leather body with very mild wear at edges.

13.    Home-made Film Cutter: For cutting 35mm film.  Wood base with metal cutting tool. 

14.    SIMA FilmShield Bag: 6" X 13" bag "For Air Travelers," Lead laminated pouch protects film against airport x-ray damage.  A little rumpled but appears to be like new.

15.    Glass Photographic Liquid Measure: A No. 3 with up to 4 oz. capacity.  Marked in base "EK" (Eastman Kodak) and "Graduated for Photographic Use Only."  5 ½" tall.  Like new, Exc.

16.    Wood Print Frame: 14 ½" X 5 ¼" for stereo pairs?  I am not sure.  Has #1 & #2 doors on one side.

No maker marks. 

17.    Lot of 3 wood camera negative backs: Two are 4" X 5" and other is 3 ¼" X 5 ½".  One has very

minor wood chip on one slide, overall though like new. Marked "Pat 4-23-07."

18.    Polaroid Land Camera: Automatic 100, folding bellows camera in heavy case.  Exc.

19.    Polaroid SX-70 Camera: Earlier model with tag from Shutan Camera Co., Chicago, plus Promatic PSL electronic flash.  In foam shipping container.

20.    Lot of 2 Photographic Exhibition Posters: "Alfred Stieglitz, National Gallery of Art, Washington,

January 30 – May 1, 1983," & "The Work of Atget : Old France, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, October 3, 1981 – January 3, 1982."  Overall nice, no tears (both rolled).

Miscellaneous Stereoscopic Items


21.    Keystone View Co. Silk Banner:  Brilliant blue and gold 42" X 23" banner.  Large gold letters on 

deep blue field "KEYSTONE/VIEW CO./MEADVILLE, PA" with wide gold border.  It is believed less than 10 of these were made.  They were used at sales meetings and conventions.  This example dates from the late 1920s or possibly earlier.  Overall bright, clean condition with very minor pinholes in the corners where it was attached for display.  Also can see a couple very tiny moth thinned spots when held to the light.  An extremely scarce piece of Keystone and stereoscopic memorabilia. 

                                                                                                                               Minimum Bid $300.00

22.    TDC Stereo Selectray: Hard plastic tray for the Stereo Selectron Changer.  Holds 30 stereo slides.  In

original box.  Tray is Exc.  Box shows very minor wear w/price sticker residue/tears.

23.    Advertising Folder for Stereo Realist Manual: Scarce flyer made by printing the promotional

material on the inside of the book jacket sheet with an endorsement from Harold Lloyd.  Overall like new with no tears or damage.

24.    Stitz Stereo Projection Stand: Designed to fit the Stitz Stereo Adaptor.  In original box without the

Polarizers.  Like new otherwise with a worn box.

25.  Lot of 2 Magic Eye Books: Magic Eye, A New Way of Looking at the World, by N.E. Thing

       Enterprises, Fifteenth Printing, June 1994, hardcover, 32 pgs. plus Disney's Magic Eye, by N.E. Thing

       Enterprises, 1994, softcover, 32 pgs. plus 2 Magic Eye comic strips clipped from newspaper, 1997 with

       folds.  The books are like new. 

26.    Magic Eye Poster: Guardians of the Deep, 1993, Holusion Art, Dallas, Texas, NVision Grafix, Inc. 

approx. 22" X 28" in studio frame ready for hanging.  Free view to see sharks and other undersea creatures.  Overall like new.

27.    Large Format Lenticular Print: Approx. 10 ½" X 13 ½" No. KG-24 Kinkakuji Temple (Japan) by

Kowa Display Co., Inc., printed by Toppan, Tokyo.  Noted on back "export prohibited to all Europe."

No date but c. 1960s.  Great 3-D of a large temple building.  Some very, very slight typical scratches.

Overall bright and clear, ready for framing.

28.    Anaglyphic Advertising for Frigidaire Refrigerators: Scarce 6 page booklet with nine anaglyphs

featuring the 1933 "New Standard Series" that were introduced at the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago. Cover features picture of father looking through anaglyphic glasses as wife and daughter look on "A New Way of Looking at It."  Blank space for local dealer to add their address.  Cardboard glasses are missing.  Overall bright and clean with paper residue on reverse where it was attached to a scrapbook page.  Very early example of anaglyph use in advertising.  




29.  Model "B" Viewer: Nice example of early front-load viewer in black Bakelite.  Excellent in

black cardboard box with gold lid.  Box shows some minor wear.

30.  Lot of 2 Model "C" viewers: Black Bakelite. Both in clean, near new condition.  One is in burgundy box with silver lid.  Box shows minor wear.

31.  Model "G" Bicentennial viewer: "gaf" 1976 issue with white front, red back and blue advance lever.  Overall nice clean, like new viewer.

32.  Model "H" lighted viewer: Round bottom design in tan color with cream light bar and a short version advance lever.  Marked "gaf VIEW-MASTER" on top.  Overall clean, near new condition.

33.  1998 Fisher-Price Advertising Viewer: Special yellow and black viewer with the Caterpillar "CAT" logo on the front with reel "B" featuring scenes of caterpillar heavy machinery in action.  Excellent.

34.  Wood front to View-Master Store Display Box: Just the front wood panel  (approx. 10" X 2 ¾") with the "VIEW-MASTER" logo in gold.  Makes a nice display piece for your collection.  Some very, very minor wear to the gold lettering, otherwise okay.

35.  Library Storage Box with Reels: Lot of 25 reels and a maroon (bottom) and cream (top)

hard plastic library storage box for single reels.  The box has three typical chips in the edge of the lid, otherwise it is okay.  Some better reels #950 & #951 Gene Autry #A 6661, 2 &3 of Corning Glass Center (no packet or booklet), #332 Mardi Gras, #154 Atlantic City, #800 Bugs Bunny, etc.  Some of the reels show minor viewer wear.  Some reels without sleeves. 

36.  Lot of 3 Movie Stars, Hollywood Reels: #740, 741 & 742.  Terrific set made in 1954

featuring close-ups of the leading movie stars of that time.  Includes the scarce Reel #741, scene #5 is Robert Stack and the scarce Reel #742, scene #4 is Rod Cameron.  Excellent.

There is no packet envelope.

37.  Model "C" with Light Attachment: Overall nice in maroon with green lid gift box.  Box shows wear on the lid, tape tears, etc. 

38.  Junior Projector: Single lens model in black Bakelite with a gray metal bulb housing cover.

Overall clean, like new.


View-Master 3-Reel Packets (Some are Mint, Never Opened MNO).


39.    Historic Cities of Virginia: S3 packet containing reels #75, 182 and 262.   The reels are excellent in blue/white envelopes.  The packet envelope is overall clean/bright with two inked circles around the "Yorktown" and "Jamestown" titles on front.  There is a slight tear in the back flap where it was opened.  Extremely scarce.

40.  Riders of the Desert: S3 packet containing reels #771-A, B & C, w/booklet featuring Navajos and Apaches.  Part of the "American Indian Series."  The reels are excellent in blue/white envelopes.  The packet envelope is overall clean/bright with a tear in the upper left corner and the back flap is torn and thinned where opened.  A scarce packet.

41.  Lake Louise, Canadian Rockies: A007, S5, reels are excellent in red/white/blue envelope.  Packet envelope is overall excellent with most of the original shrink-wrap.

42.  Metro Toronto Zoo/Le Zoo de Toronto: A041C, G5, MNO, and scarce Canadian issue.

43.  expo67, Tournee Generale/General Tour: A071, S6, edition A (transition packet with "gaf" and "Sawyer's Inc." on back panel), reels are excellent in red/white/blue envelope.  Packet envelope is overall excellent with most of the original shrink-wrap.  A scarce exposition held in Montreal, Canada in 1967. 

44.  expo67, Scenes Nocturnes et La Ronde/Night Scenes And La Ronde: A074, edition A (transition packet as above), reels are excellent in red/white/blue envelope.  Packet envelope is overall excellent.

45.  Alaska, The 49th State: A101, G1, edition A, MNO.

46.  Disneyland, New Orleans Square: A180, S6, edition A, reels are excellent in red/white/blue envelope.  Packet envelope is excellent with most of the original shrink-wrap.

47.  Palm Springs, California: A195, G2, edition A, with booklet, reels are excellent in red/white/black transition envelope.  Packet envelope is near excellent. 

48.  Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs Area: A321, S6, edition A, reels are excellent in red/white/blue envelope.  Packet envelope is excellent with most of original shrink-wrap.  Price sticker residue on outside of shrink-wrap.

49.  Arizona: A360, S6, edition A, State Tour Series with Map on packet front, MNO.

50.  Badlands National Monument: A489, S6, edition A, reels are excellent in red/white/blue envelope.  Packet envelope is excellent and  has most of the original shrink-wrap with price sticker residue on the shrink-wrap.

51.  Annapolis, U.S. Naval Academy: A783, G1, edition A, with booklet.  Reels are excellent in red/white/black envelope.  Packet envelope is near excellent.

52.  The Miracle Strip, Pensacola to Panama City: A982, edition A (transition packet).  Reels are excellent in red/white/black transition envelope.  Packet envelope is overall bright and clean with minor creases at the top. Very scarce.

53.  South Africa: B124, S6, edition A, with booklet,  Nations of the World Series insert strip included with postage stamp.  There was no coin in this packet.  Reels are excellent in red/white/blue envelope.  Packet envelope is overall bright and clean with the upper left corner ever so slight chipped.

54.  The Five Little Countries of Europe: B149, S6, edition A, with booklet. Nations of the World Series with postage stamp and coin. Reels are excellent in red/white/blue envelopes. Packet envelope is excellent with most of the original shrink-wrap.

55.  Spain: B171, S6, with booklet. Nations of the World Series with postage stamp and coin.  Reels are excellent in red/white/blue envelope.  Packet envelope is excellent with most of the original shrink-wrap.

56.  The Little Red Hen/Thumbelina/Pied Piper of Hamelin: B319, S6, edition A, clay figures, MNO.

57.  Ian Fleming's "Live and Let Die." James Bond 007: B393, G3, edition A, with booklet. Live action motion picture starring Roger Moore, 1973.  Reels are excellent in red/white/black envelope.  The packet envelope has split at the perfs.  The top flap is there but separated. 

58.  Bambi: B400-C, G5, edition A, The Wonderful World of Disney/Le Monde Merveilleux de Disney, clay figures.  Scarce GAF (Canada) LTD. issue.  MNO.

59.  The Mod Squad: B478, G1, edition A.  Popular 1960s TV program.  MNO.  Very slight price sticker residue on front.

60.  Walt Disney's Donald Duck: B525-C, G5, edition A.  Scarce GAF (Canada) LTD. issue.


61.  Here's Lucy, Lucy and the Astronauts, A CBS Television Program: B588, G3, edition A, with booklet. Reels are excellent in red/white/black envelope.  Packet envelope is excellent. The perfed edges are fragile. Extremely scarce 1971 TV program starring Lucille Ball. 

62.  Fish Life, Ichthyology: B679, G3, edition A, with booklet.  Reels are excellent in red/white/black envelope.  Packet envelope has most of the original shrink-wrap but has fragile perfs and top flap is partly separated.

63.  Royal Canadian Mounted Police: B750, S5, with booklet.  Reels are excellent in red/white/blue envelope.  Packet envelope shows very minor use.

64.  Tournament of Thrills, Auto Daredevil Show: B947, G2, edition A, with booklet, from the ABC Wide World of Sports series.  Reels are excellent in red, white/black envelope, which is stained.  The packet envelope missing top flap and back panel is stained and slight torn.  Front is overall nice.

65.  The Amazing Spider-Man/L'Etonnant Spider-Man: H11C, G5, scarce GAF (Canada)

LTD issue.  Cartoons.  MNO.

66.  Walt Disney World/Fantasyland: H25, G5, with booklet.  Reels are excellent in red, white

and black envelope.  Packet envelope has most of the original shrink-wrap.  The top flap is detached.  Overall nice clean and bright packet.

67.  The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams: J10, G5, NBC Television Series, MNO.


Stereo Views

68.    Africa: Lot of 9 Keystone views.  Nice variety, better subjects, East Africa, Congo, South Africa,

Tanganyika, etc.  V11997, 17018, V20774, V20777, 20779, V20781, V32910, 33761 & 35022.  Gray mounts.  Overall excellent.

69.. Skylines including Aerial Hyperstereos: Nice lot of 6 Keystone views.  19128 (W379) NYC with

       U.S.S. Louisiana arriving in harbor; 26826(T49) Miami from the harbor; 32823 (T27) hyper of 

       Manhattan; 34115 (T1166) hyper of downtown Cleveland looking down on Terminal Tower; 34116 

       (T1171) hyper of Detroit & #38191 (T1067)  hyper of San Francisco showing Bay Bridges(by Clyde

       Sunderland), latter 5 are extremely scarce issues with squared-off prints, rich tones.  Overall exc.        

                                                                                                                                       Minimum Bid $70.00

70.    Airship U.S.S. Akron: Keystone #32740 "Inside the framework of the ZRS-4 (U.S.S. Akron) during

construction, Akron, Ohio," an outstanding view in 3-D, gray mount, slt. waterstain on back of mount, otherwise excellent.

71.    Alabama: Lot of 2 Keystone views of Birmingham, 16737 Hopper cars before steel furnaces (very,

very slight soil) & 23239 Skyscraper in downtown (excellent), gray mounts.

72.    Alaska: B.W. Kilburn overview of Dawson City from the North, during the Gold Rush, 1899 with a

mix of temporary tents and log buildings, buff mount, very slt soil/wear to mount  Very Good

73.    Alaska: Lot of 4 from the Keystone 600 Tour of the World, 9195 (243) First miners of Gold Rush in

camp ready to climb Chilkoot Pass; 11518 (244) Indians dry fish on Yukon River; 21100 (245) Placer

miners at work near Yukon River & 11530 (246) Miners and sled dogs north of Arctic Circle, gray mounts, excellent                                                                                                     Minimum Bid $65.00

74.    America's Cup Yacht Race: Kilburn Brothers #4031 "The Grenesta, Great International Yacht Race," in 1885.  Nice view of the sleek sailing yacht being escorted by tugs and small steamships. Buff mount, slight soiling mostly in the sky area.  Very Good.

75.    Arctic Regions: Lot of 4 Keystones, most taken during the various Peary Expeditions.  V13334 Close of a Eskimo family at Fort Magnesia, Cape Sabine, Ellsmere Island; V22492 Men spreading codfish to dry at Battle Harbor, Labrador; V27201 Men from the 6th Peary Expedition preparing camp for winter.  A camera on tripod in the background & V27203 Eskimos posed in front of summer tents, Greenland.  Gray mounts.  Overall excellent.

76.    Arizona: Lot of 16 incl. 13 Underwood & Underwood views and 3 Keystones (from U&U negatives).  Views of the Grand Canyon incl. (1) 6072 of Indians watching Santa Fe train cross Canon Diablo bridge (soiled); scenic studies of Canyon; tourists on trails; (30) inclines at copper mines, Metcalf.  Variants of some views plus a duplicate of (12) 6083.  Gray mounts.  3 from the late Dr. Guy Howe collection with green paper tags at upper left on mounts.  One view has penned on hash marks for eye exercise.  Overall very good to excellent with faults as noted.

77.    Arizona: Lot of 6 Keystones (different from above).  5 of Grand Canyon and 29552 of Great Roosevelt Dam near Phoenix.  Gray mounts, overall near excellent to excellent.

78.    Arlington Cemetery: Lot of 2 by J.F. Jarvis.  Both of soldiers graves.  One with man and two little girls by headstones.  Buff mounts, c. 1890s.  Excellent.

79.    Astronomy: Lot of 4 Keystones of celestial  bodies.  16766 (596) Mars; 16765 (598) Uranus & 2 of its moons; 16645 (600) Morehouse's Comet w/ background of distant stars; and 16648 (1200) the Full Moon (scarce late issue w/squared prints).  Overall excellent (Mars view has minor scratches in black area), gray mounts                                                                                                   Minimum Bid $60.00

80.    Australian Emu: Keystone 15910, close view of unusual bird in captivity in Melbourne, 1908, gray

mount, excellent.


More Stereoscopic Viewers


81.    Early Brewster Stereoscope with Handle: Scarce early example in need of repair, c. 1858, probably

American Brewster viewer.  The major parts are there.  The pair of thick lenses are detached and need to have new shims.  The reflecting mirror is loose from the door on top.  The septum is loose.  The ground glass is missing and part of the framing is missing and needs to be fabricated.  This example had a handle/place to screw into a stand.  The handle is detached.  This viewer is worthy of restoration and would make a nice addition to any collection.  Faults as noted.

82.    Holmes-Bates Stereoscope on Stand: Scarce example clearly marked "M.D. White Co/ Makers /

Stereoscopes / and / Stereographs / North Bennington / VT U.S.A."  It clearly is not marked as an "H.C. White" viewer.  Paul Wing in Stereoscopes, The First One Hundred Years does not mention a M.D. White.  Missing one screw from the base attachment.  Other all intact with nice clean undamaged veneered hood.  Nice turned wood stem/handle and base.   Faults noted, otherwise near excellent.

83.    Holmes-Bates Stereoscope on Stand: An attractive example with a brown leather hood with gold trim

and thick brass studs.  Turned wood stem/handle and base.  Missing the septum is missing and can be expertly replaced. No maker marks, c. 1880s.  Faults as noted, otherwise near excellent.

84.    Keystone View Co. Telebinocular Stereoscope: c. 1930 model all-metal viewer.  The black finish

has some slight paint flaking.  Optically, one of the best viewers made.  Fault as noted, otherwise near excellent.                                                                                                                  Minimum Bid $40.00





More Stereo Views


85.    Belgium: Lot of 4 J.F. Jarvis views (sold by Underwood & Underwood), 1889-1892, incl. Decorated

graves, Lacken; huge ornate pulpit, Brussels Cathedral; interior of Cathedral, Antwerp; & interior of Notre Dame, Bruges(creased), except latter, overall very good with slight soil.

86.    Birds: 78 of 100 Keystone View Co. "Birds" set.  This is the scarce later issue on gray mounts with

squared prints.  These are not colored.  Rich black and white prints on gray mounts.  A couple of the mounts have very, very slight stains on the backs at the very top, which do not harm the views.  Great close views of birds, many in nests.  Missing #1,2,4, 5,7-10, 12, 15, 17-23, 35, 44-46 & 50.

                                                                                                                               Minimum Bid $700.00

87.    Blacks: Bloomfield's" series, St. Augustine, Fla. "An Hour's Search; or, Aunt Venus hunting for

Florida fleas," c. 1880.  Black woman seated on the porch of her cabin searching in the hair of a little girl in her lap.  Yellow cabinet mount.  There is a small spot in the dark doorway area in the left image, away from the main subject.  Overall very good.

88.    Boer War: Keystone #11814 Close of British cavalry soldiers at rest with horses and rows of stacked

rifles before the advance on Pretoria, South Africa, 1900.  Buff mount, near excellent.

89.    Book Boxed Set: Underwood & Underwood "Around the World through the Stereoscope," complete

72/72, c. 1902 set in scarce "3-volume" book box w/gold lettering.  Views are excellent. Box is very slight rubbed and partly split at bottom edge.  A very attractive set in scarce box.  Many nice views.

90.    Book Boxed Set Plus Book: Keystone View Co. "Stereographic Catholic Library," 98 of 100 set (missing 9 & 15) of "Mass and Benediction," by Rev. Geo. A. Keith, S.J."  Includes views of the services including a few hand-colored of the various vestments. The book is soft bound with gold lettering on the cover.  The views and book are overall excellent.  The box is split at 2 edges and slight worn.                                                                                                                      Minimum Bid $300.00

91.    Book Boxed Set: Underwood & Underwood complete 18/18 "Grand Canyon of Arizona" w/booklet (1908 edition).  Nice set incl. Indians watching Santa Fe Train cross Canon Diablo Bridge; Thomas Moran sketching at Bright Angel; gold prospector, etc.  X-library set with numbers marked at lower part of "spine" of the book box and tagged on the lower left front of the softbound booklet and labeled on the inside of the front cover.  No library markings on the views.  The back page of the booklet is torn and the map is detached with a couple slight page edge tears.  The box is solid and slight rubbed at edges.

92.    Book Boxed Set: Underwood & Underwood complete 24/24 "Yosemite Valley." 1902.  No booklet. X-library set with numbers at lower part of "spine" as above.  No library marks on the views which are overall excellent showing the major sites and visitors.  The book box shows minor rubbing is solid.

93.70.93.  Book Boxed Set: Underwood & Underwood complete 60/60 "Peru," 1907.  A scarce set.  Great views. including occupationals, natives, portrait of President Jose Pardo, railroads, silver mining, etc.  The views are overall excellent on gray mounts with rich prints. One view slight bent between prints.  Missing the "spine" or top half of the box.                                                                                                     


94.    Books and Booklets: Lot of 9 small paperbound booklets "Teachers' Guides" and "Study Units" for

the Keystone View Co. lantern slide sets.  Includes "The Pilgrims." "American Revolution and Organization of Government," "French Revolution," "Roman Life," "Feudal Life," "Elizabethan England," ""Frontier Life of the Daniel Boone Period," "Westward Movement," and "Ancient Egyptian Life."                                                                                                                      Minimum Bid $70.00

95.    Keystone View Co. Books and Pamphlets All are excellent undistributed factory stock. (Bid Each).

       A.  The Stereograph and the Lantern Slide in Education, G.E. Hamilton, 1946, 48 pg. paperbound.

B.      Workers (Keystone Primary Series) by Laura Zirbes and Marian J. Wesley, prepared  to 

accompany the Primary set, 1929, black & white illustrations drawn by Grace Norcross, 97 pg hardbound.

94.            C.  Oliver Wendell Holmes – His pioneer Stereoscope and the later Industry, by George E. Hamiltonhan




               The Newcom Society in North America, 1949, originally read at the Newcom Meeting at the New

               York World's Fair on August 5, 1939.  34 pgs. softbound with woodcut illustrations.  A good

               history which gives added insight into the development of  Keystone View Co. Some slight  

               dampness has caused some minor wrinkling of a couple page edges, otherwise fine.

D.      Keystone Sales Manual, Educational Department, 1953.  88 pg. softbound.  Brief history of

Keystone and explanation of their sales methods and philosophy. 


96.     Keystone Booklets for Educational Units for Stereographs & Lantern Slides. Lot of 12 including           Keystone Travel Club, Vol. 2, No. 1-4, Jan-April 1932.  A publication sent to children who

"have in their homes one hundred or more places of the Burton Holmes Tour of the World or the Keystone Primary Set."  A quality reprint of the original at the Johnson-Shaw Stereoscopic Museum.  Total of 16 pages bound in plastic folder.  Elementary Science Units, Stereographs and Lantern Slides, Birds, 1960, 15 pgs.  Some dampness has caused wrinkles in the pages and rusted the staples, otherwise fine  Keystone Elementary Science Units, Stereographs and Lantern Slides, Butterflies, 1960, 14 pgs, dampness wrinkles and rust as above, otherwise fine. Keystone Primary Social Studies Units, Stereographs and Lantern Slides, Community Helpers. The Butcher, The Grocer, The Vegetable Dealer, The Baker & The Dairyman, by Adela M. Losch, 1939, 22 pgs., some damp stains on back and rusting of staples, otherwise fine.  Keystone Primary Units, Stereooraphs and Lantern Slides, Indians of the Southwest, 1940, 48 pgs, condition as above.  Keystone Geography Units, Stereographs and Lantern Slides, Unit Thirteen, Making a Living in Our Southland, by Zoe A. Thralls, 1940, 31 pgs, excellent. Keystone Social Studies Units, Stereographs and Lantern Slides, Transportation, Boats,1939, 12 pgs. excellent.  Keystone Social Studies Units, Stereographs and Lantern Slides, Transportation, The Story of the Iron Horse, 1939, 11 pgs., excellent.  Keystone Social Studies Units, Stereographs and Lantern Slides, Travel by Air, by Ruth Weaver Mikesell, 1944, 21 pgs., excellent.  Keystone Primary Social Studies Units, Stereo0graphs and Lantern Slides, The Farmer and His Family, by Adela M. Losch, 1938, 14 pgs.,  waterstained and soiled.  A Story of Wood from Forest to Manual Training Classro9om in Lantern Slides, Keystone Industrial Arts Series, Woodworking Manual, 1937, 64 pgs. for 100 slide set, 1 corner of cover chipped, mild dampness wrinkles on a few pages.  Keystone Automobile Set (Lantern Slides), unnumbered pages, titles for over 300 slides, no date, c. 1930s. & Manual of Instructions for Use of The Keystone Atomic Physics Unit, Lantern Slides, by George D. Van Dyke, 12 pgs., severe dampness damage, a couple pages stuck together. 

97.  The World War Through The Telebinocular: edited by Major Joseph Mills Hanson, Sixth edition,    

       1932.  Scarce book for the Keystone  400 set.  Hardbound.  Like new with maps in brown paper

       wrapper. This is the last one available from  the Johnson-Shaw                          Minimum Bid $300.00

98.  Booklet with 2 views: Keystone Geography Units, Stereographs and Lantern Slides, Unit Fourteen,

       Washington – Our Nations Capital, 1945, paperbound, 33 pgs.  Also in the lot are two Keystone

        stereo views, W29573 Entrance Hall, Congressional Library & 37630 The National Cathedral (scarce

        later issue with square prints).  The booklet has very slight damp wrinkle and rusted staples.  Views on

        gray mounts are excellent.                                                                          Minimum Bid $40.00

99.      Boston & Providence RR Station, Boston, Mass.: No maker, 1874.  Consignor took info from identical view and pencilled on reverse.  Fine interior view along the main axis showing nicely the hammer-beam trusses.  The room measured 180' X 40' and with an 80' ceiling. Wonderful example of high Victorian railroad architecture.  Red orange mount, excellent.                     Minimum Bid $60.00

100.  Boxer Rebellion: Underwood & Underwood of a Japanese executioner about to behead a condemned

        Chinese criminal who kneels over his grave while Japanese soldiers in the background look on, 1901.

        On thin gray card stock as issued as a Supplement to The Stereoscopic Photograph, Vol. 1, No. 1,

         June, 1901.  Prints are light but clear.  Very good.

101.  California Midwinter Exposition: Lot of 2 by B.W. Kilburn, 9480 $500,000 golden vase & 9507

The surging crowd watching a parade of men on white horses carrying American flags, buff mounts, overall near excellent.

102. Canada: Lot of 4 by J.G. Parks of Montreal, c. 1860s-1870s, Grey Nunnery; overview of Montreal

from the mountain; Notre Dame Cathedral w/carriage and wagons in foreground & the French Cathedral No. 2.  Latter on yellow mount, others on red-orange mounts.  Overall very good.

103.  Canada: Strohmeyer & Wyman (Underwood & Underwood) nice view of a locomotive approaching

         as seen from Glacier House, Selkirk Mountains, British Columbia, Eagle Peak in distance.  Buff

         mount,  overall near excellent.

104. Winter in the Catskills: Lot of 3 from the series by  Edward Anthony, 790, 791 and an unnumbered

vignette view.  All of ice formations, snow-covered trees.  One w/E. Anthony early 1860s label, other 2 are issued c. 1866 w/E. & H.T. Anthony labels.  Yellow mounts.  Overall very good.

105. Children: William H. Rau (sold by E.W. Kelley) "In Mischief," 1894.  Close view of little baby girl

playing in the coal before a fancy cast iron stove.  Gray mount, excellent.


106  Children: B.W. Kilburn 4093 "When We Went a Sleighing," 1886. Nice view of three kids in a box 

         sled pulled by a calf in a snowy street with other kids, dogs and a man watching in the background

         before a frame house.  Red-orange mount.  Excellent.

107.  Children: Lot of 3 by B.W. Kilburn, 4810 Boy looks on in jealousy as another boy kisses a little girl;

         6443, "Sailor Boy," boy poses with a large dog, a cat and an anchor, wears sailor suit & 7685 "Come

          take a little partner," kids dancing outside, 1888-1892, buff mounts., mostly very good.

108.  Christian Endeavor Week, Boston, 1895: Lot of 3 B.W. Kilburn views, 10304 Visitors by large 

         floral cross in Public Garden; 10309 "Fairy Bridge," the highly decorated bridge w/people posed in

         Public Garden & 10428 Columbia Commandery w/swords drawn in formation, buff mounts, mostly

         near excellent. 

109.  Civil War Diorama: B.W. Kilburn 7340 Dramatic scene of Picket's Charge, Battle of Gettysburg,

part of diorama exhibited just outside the grounds of the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1892.  Buff mount, some soiling, overall good-very good.

110.  Civil War Diorama: B.W. Kilburn 7341 Dramatic scene of the last day of battle, Gettysburg from

the same diorama as above, 1892, buff mount.  Overall near excellent.

111. Colliery: Advertising view by Caswell & Bowden, Ltd., Birmingham & Shrewsbury, England, 1792

"Winding engine." Nice view of a hoisting engine at an English coal mine, nearly end-on view from the crank end.  The hoist engineer seen beyond, hands on the controls.  One of a series of 28 by Caswell & Bowden, Coal Brokers.  This is a collotype (a superb photo-mechanical process, based on a photograph, with strong tonal values, not grainy like a litho or halftone).  Buff mount with advertising ("Coals at First Cost") on front and back in red.  Some slight soil mostly to the mount.

                                                                                                                               Minimum Bid $20.00

112. Colorado: Attributed to Alex Martin 107 "Windsor Hotel, Denver, Colo.," c. 1880.  Nice view of the

large hotel dominating the corner, a couple wagons in street.  Cream oversized cabinet mount which is waterstained and rubbed at edges.  Some soiling.  Very good.

113. Colorado Railroad: B.W. Kilburn 4398 nice view of passenger train pulled by narrow gauge

diamond stack locomotive on the Great Loop, Silver Plume, c. 1890, buff mount, near excellent.

114. Colorado Railroad: Lot of 2 Keystones, 2367 Passenger train crossing the famous loop, Georgetown

& 8002 mid distance head-on view of locomotive in the Royal Gorge, gray mount.  Excellent.

115. Comics & Sentimentals: Lot of 6 B.W. Kilburn views, 11457 Politician-after the election; 11915

Robbing the Mail; 12253 Bridal Array; 12266 Where's My Collar Button; 12911 Don't scold my dear, it was all a mistake & 16637 What! Will he never come? 1897-1905, bedroom humor and wedding, buff mounts, mostly near excellent.

116. Comics & Sentimentals: Lot of 14 B.W. Kilburn views, 1892-1897, bedroom humor, courtship,

weddings, battling rats, bachelors, etc. 7391, 7403, 7407, 7422, 7424, 7434, 7440-7442, 7451, 7517, 9226, 11433 & 11435, buff mounts, 1 is creased, some with slight soil, mostly very good-nr excellent.

117. Cotton Mill Carding Room: No maker, paper label on reverse for Boston Jeweler, "Cotton Mill No.

1" penned on reverse.  Consignor thinks it might be in Lowell, Mass., c. late 1860s.  Main subject not just the carding machines but the great mass of shafting , pulleys, and belting, running on two axes.  Spinning frames barely seen beyond.  light grey mount.  Overall nr exc.           Minimum Bid $80.00

118. Cotton Mill: H.C. White 13817 Southern Cotton Mill, Raleigh, N.C.  Cotton field in the foreground

with the large mill building beyond, 1907, dark mount.  Excellent.

119.  Dakotas: Lot of 3 Keystones of farming, 16733 plowing with Case tractor, S.D.; 16734 Case tractor

         drawing double disc and three-section tooth harrows, S.D. & 16740 threshing wheat in Red River

         N.D., gray mounts,  (latter view soiled in sky area), first two excellent.

119A.Duction Eyetest Cards: Lot of 2 pairs for measuring the eyes and where they fuse an image.  One of

Man (Bert Underwood) reading Stereoscopic magazine as seen from his feet & a hawk in flight

Excellent.                                                                                                                Minimum Bid  $30.00

120.Dvorine Animated Fusion Training Charts: Boxed set of diagnostic charts (color drawings) for the

measurement of lateral and vertical fusion amplitudes and a progressive series of fusion charts for office and home training, for treatment of strabismus and other visual imbalances.  With booklet.  Like new in box, unsold factory stock from Keystone View Co.                                   Minimum Bid $25.00

121. Early Edward Anthony View: 693 "Reflections near Cascade Bridge," c. 1859 from the series "A

Ramble through the Southern Tier on the Route of the Erie Rail Road."  A beautifully composed reflection study.  Ivory mount with E. Anthony, 501 Broadway label on reverse.  Excellent.


122.   Early English Classic: No maker, "A Contested Trophy," c. 1859, hand-colored Victorian parlor

scene of people in a large room watching two gentlemen playing a card game.  A mirror in the background placed to give added 3-D effect.  Great 3-D throughout.  Dark buff mount which is waterstained at the bottom and ends but does not hamper the view.  Overall very good.

123. Early English Classic: No maker, "The Irish Jig," c. 1859. Hand-colored  close view of several

couples dancing. Dark buff mount.  Overall near excellent.

124. Eastman Business College: Nice interior by Vail Bros. of the famous school at Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

1881. Special Penmanship Dept, No. 6 in the series.  Great view with super depth of dozens of men at tables.  Large stove in the mid foreground and Victorian gas lights hang from ceiling.  Red-orange cabinet mount with advertising for the college on the reverse.  Overall near excellent.

                                                                                                                                Minimum Bid  $25.00

125. Egypt: 97 of 100 view set by C.H. Graves (Universal Photo Art Co.) missing 2, 89 & 91, no box.

A terrific set made in 1904 includes outstanding views, many subjects not found in other sets.  Includes Alexandria crowded street; plowing Nile delta; Cairo; many people views (close of woman in head-dress), occupations (cabinet makers, brass worker, turning ivory, making inlay, groceryman, barber cutting hair in street, sheep bazaar, lemonade vendor),  tourists on camels at Sphynx, climbing pyramids, Memphis, the Nile (harvesting opium poppy), manufacturing water jars, ruins of Karnak, Thebes, Luxor Market, shipyard at Assouan, boy weaving cloth, American Mission, funeral of child w/hired mourners, Suez Canal and more. Light gray mount, overall excellent. Looks like they hardly were in a viewer.

126. Egypt: Lot of 6, incl. 2 by J.F. Jarvis (sold by U&U), (34) Donkey Market, Gizeh & (84) Broken 

statue of Ramses II, plus an Underwood & Underwood (21) Harem window, Palace of the Cheik of Sadaat, Cairo plus 3 Keystones, 8625 Lifting water from Nile, 17020 Ships in Suez Canal & an eye-test view in busy Muski Street, Cairo, buff, gray and black mounts,  overall near excellent.

127. Elephant Kraal of 1902, Ceylon: Lot of 4 Keystones 0of the Ridgeway Kraal, the greatest elephant hunt possibly of all time photographed by James Ricalton for Underwood & Underwood.  V12119, V12124-6 showing the elephants being herded into stockades, later to be subdued and trained for domestic use such as in the Ceylon logging industry.  Gray mounts, overall excellent.

128.  England: No maker, not a copy "Westminster Abbey, The Coronation Chair," c. 1860s.  Nice view of the famous chair on display, yellow mount, excellent.

129.  Famous People: John B. Gough, 1872 posed on the porch of his home at Springfield, Mass.  The view was taken by Herman Buchholz.  Gough was a major temperance advocate in the 1860s & 1870s.  The view shows him apparently with his wife.  Horse and buggy in the foreground.  Gough was the author of a bestseller Platform Echos or Living Truths for Head and Heart, published by A.D. Worthington & Co.  He traveled throughout the U.S., Britain and Ireland speaking on Anti-drinking.  On a red-orange mount with a newspaper clipping pasted on the reverse and dated "1872," stating he had so far spoken 6,600 times on the subject.  Overall near excellent.

130.  Famous People: Whiting View Co. 351, Opening prayer during President McKinley presentation of sword to Admiral Dewey, Oct. 3, 1899 in Washington, DC.  Gray mount rubbed at corners/edges.  Some soiling in sky area.  Scarce maker, good.

131.  Famous People: Keystone 10520, President McKinley and Adm. Dewey reviewing troops after sword presentation.  Buff mount, excellent.

132.  Famous People: Keystone #(2) 4861 from U&U neg., close view of Pres. McKinley seated at head of Council Table, Cabinet Room, the White House, gray mount, excellent 

133.  Famous People: Underwood & Underwood #(24w) 561 Admiral Dewey and naval officers walking from the War Department bldg (Executive Office Bldg today) to attend New Year Reception at the White House, 1902, gray mount, excellent.

134.  Famous People: Underwood & Underwood view of King Oscar II of Sweden at the ship landing, Stockholm, 1897, buff mount, very good.

135.  Famous People: Keystone issue of classic U&U view of Bert Underwood reclining reading The Stereoscopic Photograph.  The view is an incredible example of exaggerated 3-D, gray mount, excellent.                                                                                                                 Minimum Bid $75.00

136.  Famous People: H.C. White 8316, Close portrait of Field Marshall Marquis Oyama, Commander of Japanese Army during the Russo-Japanese War, 1904 at his home in Tokyo, dark mt., excellent.

137.  Famous People: Keystone V28007 (from U&U neg), close portrait of Thomas A. Edison in his laboratory, gray mt., excellent                                                                               Minimum Bid $200.00

138.  Famous People: Keystone 32391 President Herbert Hoover and Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald of Great Britain on the steps of the White House, c. 1930, gray mount, exc.       Minimum Bid $125.00

139.  Famous People: Keystone 32420, nice close view of golfer Bobby Jones at the finish of the swing of his wood club.  Comments on reverse by noted sports-writer Grantland Rice w/facsimile autograph, gray mount, excellent.                                                                                           Minimum Bid $150.00

140.  Famous People: Keystone 32444, close view of Johnny Farrell hitting ball with Niblick in sand-trap.  Great 3-D stop action view, gray mount, excellent.                                                Minimum Bid $30.00

141.  Famous People: Keystone 32797, close portrait of Floyd Gibbons, World-renowned war correspondent and adventurer at the Democratic National Convention, Chicago, 1932, gray mount, excellent.                                                                                                               Minimum Bid $100.00

142.  Famous People: Keystone 32798, close portrait of famous newspaper editorial writer Arthur Brisbane at the Democratic National Convention, Chicago, 1932, gray mt., exc.                 Minimum Bid $80.00

143.  Famous People: Keystone 33198, Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Mrs. Roosevelt at the American Legion Convention, Administration Building at A Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago, Oct. 2, 1933, one of the few photographs showing FDR standing.                                  Minimum Bid $200.00

144.  Famous People: Keystone 38554, Close portrait of President Dwight D. Eisenhower seated with his Secretary of Heath, Education and Welfare Oveta Culp Hobby, gray mount, excellent.

                                                                                                                                      Minimum Bid $400.00

145. Engine Firehouse: C.A. Lawrence, Nashua, N.H. #23, c. 1870s of the Olive St. Engine House. Street

level view of 4-stall firehouse w/pumpers seen in stalls, handsome Victorian hose & bell tower at side, yellow mount, near excellent.                                                                                 Minimum Bid $45.00

146. Florida: Lot of 7 B.W. Kilburn views of the Ponce de Leon Hotel, St. Augustine (includes two

duplicates), 6521, 6525(2), 6526-27 & 6532(2), buff mounts, overall very good with slight soil mostly to the mounts.

147. France: Littleton View Co. 951, nice interior view of St. Etienne Church, Paris, c. 1880s, buff mount,


148. France: Lot of 6 Keystones, 10782, Glacier des Bosson, Chamonix; 18775 Victory Day Celebration,

July 14, 1919, Arch of Triumph, Paris; 24831, Palace of Justice, Lyons; 29641 Bathing Beach, Deauville; 29652 Chateau, Village of Vouvray & 33303 Facade of Cathedral of Orleans, gray mounts, overall excellent.

149. G.A.R. Review: Lot of 2 of the same view looking down on the G.A.R. Review of Civil War veterans

parade, Sept 5, 1893, Indianapolis, Ind.  Original version by North-Western View Co., Baraboo, Wisc. and Keystone issue.  Nice comparison showing how Keystone bought out competitors starting in the early 1890s,  both buff mounts, overall near excellent. 

150. Germany: Lot of 3 incl. J.F. Jarvis (U&U) view of Palm Gardens building exterior, Frankfort; plus 2

Keystones, 2002 Close of vendors in Market, Cologne & 10338 Rheinstein Castle, first view on buff mount, latter two on gray mounts, overall near excellent.

151. Gibraltar: Keystone V25338 (from U&U neg), nice view of people on the beach with small boats &

in the background the famous "Rock," gray mount, excellent.

152. Full Size Glass View: C. Breese, Birmingham, England, No. 27 "What are the wild waves saying,"

artistically composed instantaneous seascape of waves breaking on shore, a bird in flight and clouds in the sky, all effects that were difficult to achieve in 1862 when he won the award at the International Exhibition at London in the same year.  Some slight soiling under the cover glass.  Retains nice tones.

An extremely scarce early glass stereo transparency, near excellent.

153. Full Size Glass View: No maker, X423 "Fruit Sellers, Algiers, Africa," c. 1870, nice close view of

native life, a scarce view, excellent.

154. Full Size Glass View: No maker (1293), manuscript title is hard to read, scene of a village in Java,

an extremely scarce south seas view, c. 1870, excellent.

155. Full Size Glass: No maker, like above (1305) "River, Amocrano, Mulhapo, Menado, Moluccas," 

c. 1870, beautiful scenic study in present day Indonesia, excellent.

156. Full Size Glass: No maker "Le Trone Tuileries," c. 1870, beautifully hand-colored interior view of

the Throne Room in the Tuileries, Paris, excellent.

157. Full Size Glass: No maker "Panorama de Grenade," c. 1870, nice overview of Grenada, Spain.  The

cover glass has a vertical crack near the center line which does not hamper the view, nice tones, very good.


158. Grain Elevator, Chicago: John Carbutt 122 "Buckingham's Elevator" on the Chicago River, c. late

1860s.  Nice early view showing a river steamer pulled up and being loaded, yellow mount with very slight soil mostly to the mount, very good                                                              Minimum Bid $60.00

159. Great Eastern:  Attributed with certainty to George Stacy, the Great Eastern at the wharf, New York

Harbor, c. 1860.  ¾ view showing most of the port side.  3 masts, 3 funnels, paddle box & wheel and lifeboats seen of the world's largest ship.  A stagecoach and cabs in the mid foreground on the wharf.  Yellow mount trimmed at upper corners, slight soil mostly to the mount, very good.

                                                                                                                               Minimum Bid $350.00

160. Great White Fleet: Underwood & Underwood 10051 the flagship Connecticut leads the long line of

ships out of Hampton Roads on the around the world tour, 1907.  This was Pres. Teddy Roosevelt's idea to establish the U.S. as a world class naval power, gray mount, excellent.

161. Great White Fleet: Keystone 15962 Military Review for US Naval fleet at Centennial Park, Sydney,

Australia, 1908.  Large crowd watches parade of Australian troops, gray mount, excellent.

162. "History" Views: Lot of 20 from the Keystone U.S. History set, includes H20, H40, H50, H68-69,

H80-81, H84, H87-89, H96, H100, H119, H121, H165, H181, H225, H233 & H241.  Historic landmarks in US history incl. Beach on Jamestown Island, Va., Old South Church, Boston, Independence Hall, Philadelphia, etc., gray mounts, overall near excellent.

163. Hudson Super-Six Auto: Nice "portrait" by the Corte-Scope Co. of the Touring Sedan "A365-Day

Car, The Choice of Thousands of Fine Car Buyers: Price $2175 FOB Detroit."  View C6 of the series on the Hudson, c. 1916.  Madam as at the wheel (to show that women can drive this car) in the snow, before her rather grandish home.  On double-weight photo paper, nr excellent.    Minimum Bid $35.00

164. Hurst Stereoscopic Study: Haines photo of James A. Hurst 12 "American Woodcock," 1870, hand-

colored realistic scene of mounted birds in Hurst's Free Museum, Albany, N.Y.  Yellow mount, slight soil mostly to mount, very good.

165. Chicago, Illinois: Lot of 6 B.W. Kilburn views, 5377 Stock Yards; 5387 LaSalle St showing Tacoma Bldg; 7599 Black waiters stand by table in Dining Hall of The Auditorium; 7601-2, great views of the Barber shop, "Finest in the World," in the Palmer House with patrons in chairs & barbers in white coats & 7606 Overview of city from Auditorium Tower.  Some slight soiling mostly to the buff mounts, mostly very good.

166. Indians: Hillers 49 "The Little Hunter and his Sweetheart," 1874.  Portrait of the young couple posed outside from the Powell U.S. Geological Survey.  These Indians live on the Rio Virgen, a tributary of the Colorado River, in Southern Utah.  Yellow cabinet mount with paper label on reverse.  Some slight soiling.  Blue pencil scribbles on the back of the mount, not on the label, very good.

167. Interior: J.N. Webster, Barton, Vt, No. 115, nice interior of the railroad machine shop, Lyndonville, Vt., c. 1870.  Clear view of lathes, drilling machines and other tools, work pieces, etc., green mount with title list on reverse, very good.                                                                      Minimum Bid $125.00       

168. Interior: J. Pitcher Spooner view of the Stockton (California) Business College, c. 1870. Men & women at tables, at each table the students tap away at a telegraph key and the woman transcribing messages, red-orange mount, very good.                                                                Minimum Bid $35.00  

169. Iowa:  Keystone 16701, interior of Power House of the dam at Keokuk, c. 1910.  Shows the fifteen large generators in long row, gray mount, excellent.

170. Italy: Lot of 6 B.W. Kilburn views, 3785, 10856, 10870, 12104 & 12132 of Rome & 15077 of Grand Canal, Venice, 1885-1903, buff mounts.  Slight soil mostly to the mounts, overall very good.

171. Italy: Lot of 7, incl. 2 J.F. Jarvis(U&U) views of St. Peters, Rome; 3 U&Us of Venice, Milan & Rome & 2 Keystones of Milan Cathedral & Venice, buff and gray mounts, overall very good.

172. Italy: Lot of 8 Keystones from the Italy set(IT), all of the ruins of Pompeii and related views of relics.  IT54-55 Vesuvius; IT57 Model of Pompeii & IT60-64, excavated home of Vettli at Pompeii plus 4 of the artifacts on display at the Naples Museum including casts of victims, gray mounts, excellent.

                                                                                                                                        Minimum Bid $85.00

173.Japan: Lot of 6 Underwood & Underwood views including huge crowd watching wrestling match;

       hand-colored of people in rickshaws, Kyoto; interior of couple at home, girls picking tea, etc., gray

       mounts, mostly excellent.

174.Keystone File Print: Unmounted, untrimmed contact print of 31 in the 600 set (file number 26430) of

       various forms of transport in New York City, overall very good.



175.Kids Stories Visual Training Sets: Lot of 2 different sets of 24 cards (48 in all) from the Keystone

       "Children Stories Series I & II for Visual Training."  2-color prints of drawings with fairy tale stories

       (Cinderella, Ugly Duckling, etc), in 3-D, plus hash marks for eye exercise.  Also included is the

       Keystone Home-Training Manual, 1954, cards are excellent. the booklet slight soiled at edges.

                                                                                                                                        Minimum Bid $50.00

176.B.W. Kilburn Views: Lot of 17, wide variety of subjects incl. Saratoga, Copenhagen, Chattanoga,

       Niagara, Newport, RI, Germany, Greece, India, Switzerland, etc.  Red-orange(1) & buff mts(6), mostly

       very good.

177.Korea: Keystone 14081 close view of Korean farmer in white costume plowing behind a water buffalo

        near Seoul, gray mount, excellent.


Keystone Lantern Slide Boxed Sets


178.   #13 Aviators, D.C.: Unusual set of stereoscopic pairs for eye testing.  When viewed in stereo, certain

letters stand out.  Odd numbers 31-L, 31-R; 33-L, 33-R; and so forth.  12 pairs in all (24 slides), like new uncirculated in slipcase box.                                                                        Minimum Bid $100.00

179.   Nuclear Physics: Set of 35 slides, diagrams,X-ray photos, portrait of Albert Einstein, Atomic Bomb

Test & Commonwealth Dresden Nuclear Power Station, extremely scarce c. 1960 set, like new, uncirculated in slipcase box.                                                                               Minimum Bid $200.00


More Stereoscopic Views


180.   Locomotive: Unlabeled Anthony No. 494 of a very early (c. early1850s) Bury-boiler Penn Central R.R. locomotive with large bonnet stack on the high grade above Altoona, Kittaning Point (Horseshoe Curve), c. 1870.  Nice tight ¾ view, nearly head-on.  Front of first car behind barely seen, possible of the photographer's special.  Apparently period pencilled below print on front "Penn Central R.R." Further info pencilled on reverse by knowledgeable consignor.  Cream mount, overall near excellent.

                                                                                                                                      Minimum Bid $120.00

181.   Locomotive: Unlabeled Anthony No. 6781, no ID but information in pencil on back taken from

identical view.  Outstanding ¾ view of a ten-wheeler locomotive (2-6-0) and tender at the Erie R.R. depot, Jersey City, waiting to switch.  Safety valve blowing off. Was built by New Jersey Locomotive Works (Paterson), c. 1870, yellow mount, near excellent.                                  Minimum Bid $150.00

182.  Triple Header Locomotives: H.C. White 13254, outstanding view of three locomotives (A Triple

         Header) hauling the Chicago Special (12 sleepers) on the horseshoe curve.  An operational rarity on a

         passenger train! No question: all three locomotives with throttles wide open, working at full cutoff,

 the stacks barking at full volume; fighting the Horseshoe's grade while maintaining full speed!    Railroading in it finest hour, never again to be seen.  An uncommon view, 1907, charcoal gray mount  with deluxe gold letterpress printing, excellent.                                                   Minimum Bid $140.00

183.  Louisiana Purchase Exposition: B.W. Kilburn 16208 Grand Basin and La. Monument from Festival

Hall, St. Louis, Mo., 1904, buff mount, near excellent.

184.  Martinique Disaster: Whiting View Co. 9200, overview of burned out St. Pierre, Mt. Pelee in the

         distance, 1902, scarce maker, buff mount, excellent.

185.  Northampton, Mass.: Knowlton Bros., untitled view of a large residence partly obscured by trees,

  c. 1880, buff cabinet mount, near excellent.

186.    Mexico: Lot of 6 Keystones, 10800 Vera Cruz harbor; 16197, 23774-6 of Mexico City & 23785 of

young woman in Xochimilcan Indian costume, gray mounts, excelllent.

187.    Minneapolis, Minn.: Lot of 3 B.W. Kilburn views, 7542 Crowd at West Hotel and 7551 train(in

distance) that carried Indiana delegation to National Political Convention, 1892 & 7552 of Minnehaha Falls, buff mounts, mostly very good.

188.    Mt. Rainier National Park, WA.: Keystone complete 30 view set (no box), gray mounts.  A scarce set with nice views of the park including a number of outstanding views of mountain climbers on the glaciers.  These were stored together bound with a rubberband that deteriorated causing some damage to the tops of 5 views (not in the prints), otherwise the views are excellent.

189.    Mt. Washington, N.H.: Lot of 2 B.W. Kilburn views, 7570 Waiters and waitresses stand by ready to

serve in Fabyans Hotel & 7698 "Medford, the Veteran of Mt. Washington," boy posed with dog, buff mts., some soiling, mostly very good.

190.    Nebraska: Keystone V22183 (Underwood & Underwood neg), nice view looking over sugar beet

fields and refinery from Scott's Bluff, Platte River Valley, gray mount, excellent.

191.    New York City: Attributed to George Stacy No. 369, South Ferry showing two ferry slips from East

River (ferry partially seen in one) plus two towers of ferry house beyond, c. 1860s, yellow mount, some soiling mostly to the mount, very good.                                                      Minimum Bid $40.00

192.    New York City: Unlabeled Anthony "American Scenery" issue showing the Third Avenue Horse-

Car Depot, info pencilled on reverse taken from identical view.  Stunning ¾ view of large, 10-stall barn, outside near stalls are seen three double-team cars.  Near car marked "City Hall, Bowery, and 3rd Ave.  Windows of 2nd floor of main building(offices) delicately pierced for hold-to-light viewing, c. 1860s.  Some very minor emulsion flaws, some slight soiling, very good.

                                                                                                                             Minimum Bid $240.00

193.    New York City: Unlabeled Anthony No. 1482 "High Bridge from New York side," from "Beauties

of the Harlem River" series (information penned on reverse), c. 1864 (first appeared in the 1864 catalogue).  Nice view of the bridge, yellow mount, very good.

194.    New York City: E. & H.T. Anthony 4782 "Alcove of the Marble Arch, winter, 1866," from the series "Central Park."  Nice view of 2 men standing by pile of snow just removed from the steps,

red-orange mount, near excellent.

195.  New York City: E. & H.T. Anthony 6212 "The Lake from the East Side," from the "Central Park 

         (New York)"series, c. 1860s.  Nice view looking over the park with a man seated in foreground.

         Yellow mount, near excellent.

196.   New York City: E. & H.T. Anthony 11318 "Beach View" from the "Coney Island" series, c. 1873.

View looking over beach with many bathers.  At left are tents and buildings, red-orange mount with tape repairand former collector's label on reverse, some slight soil, good-very good.

197.  New York City: Lot of 6 B.W. Kilburn views incl. 3417 People strolling on Brooklyn Bridge "Scene

         of the accident May 30th, 1883," 4629 Wagons and carriages in front of the Post Office; 4652

         children in goat carts, Central Park; 5019-5020 Greenwood Cemetery incl. Henry Ward Beecher

         grave and angel statuary(stained); & 10211 close of tugboat passing under Brooklyn Bridge (mount

         creased at corner, prints okay), faults noted, otherwise near excellent.

198.   New York City: Lot of 11 scarce later Keystone views, 32355 Woolworth Building; 32823 hyper air

view of Manhattan and Hudson River; 34081 Empire State Building and city at night; 34084 George Washington Bridge; 34090 Night view of Piers along Hudson with skyline in background; 34867 Busy Fifth Ave at 34th Street, 1930s autos, bus & double-deck bus; 34882 Great Triborough Bridge w/skyline in distance; 35030 American Battleships on Hudson River w/blimps overhead; plus 3 from the "N.Y.C. Unit set, #6 Apartment Houses along the Grand Concourse, c. late 1930s autos; The Museum of Natural History and the Planetarium & Columbia University from the Air, hyperstereo by Fairchild Air Surveys, Inc., grey mounts, excellent.                                             Minimum Bid $140.00

199. New York State-Cohoes: R.N. Ham view of the William Mores residence, Mohack St., Cohoes,

c. 1880s, nice 3-story Victorian home, yellow cabinet mount, near excellent.

200. New York State-Havana Glen: Wm. B. Holmes & Co .untitled scenic study of a waterfall in this

almost forgotten scenic attraction, c. 1870, green mount, very good.

201.New York State-Ithaca: E. &H.T. Anthony 6922 scenic study of Trip-hammer Fall, side view—Fall

       Fall Creek from the series "Scenery of Ithaca and Vicinity, N.Y.," yellow mount, very good.

202.New York State-Geyser Springs, Saratoga: E. & H.T. Anthony 8486 of the Geyser Spring Building,

       c. 1873, from the series "Geyser Springs Views, Saratoga Springs, N.Y."  Nice view mid distant view

       of the building with trees reflected in water in foreground, red-orange mt. with descriptive label on

       the reverse, slight soil and minor rubbing, very good.

203.New York State-Saratoga Springs:  Lot of 3 by McDonnald & Sterry of Congress Spring, #42 The

       long Piazza of the Congress Hall Hotel with a man seated at right giving perspective of huge size;

       untitled view of a spouting spring w/building and people in background and untitled view of people

       inside a Congress Spring pavilion, c. 1876, red-orange mount with descriptive backs advertising virtues 

       of the spring, very slight soil, overall very good.

204.New York State-Saratoga Springs: H.C. White 526 Dining Room of the Grand Union Hotel, 1903,

       an immense room,  dark mount, near excellent.

205.New York State-Watkin's Glen: E. & H.T. Anthony 204 Looking West from head of Glen Arcadia,

       c. 1873.  Nice scenic study, red-orange mount with title list on reverse, excellent


206.New York State-Watkin's Glen: Lot of 2 by C.M. Marsh, both nice scenic studies, 15 Rainbow Falls

       & 24 Arttist's Dream—Second View, oversize red-orange cabinet mounts, near excellent.

207.New York State-Watkin's Glen: Lot of 2 Underwood & Underwood views with people in

       foregrounds and climbing about the rock formations, incl. "Looking down a winding deep cut gorge" &

       "Minnehaha Falls, Sentry Bridge and Stillwater Gorge," buff mounts, mostly very good.

208. Lot of 2 B.W. Kilburn of New York State: 3039 Hunters in camp "enjoying the good things of this

        World" in Adirondacks & 4626 Rainbow Falls, Watkin's Glen, buff mounts, latter has paper over the

        Kilburn imprint, overall very good.

209.Niagara Falls: Lot of 2 by E. & H.T. Anthony, 7837 Bridal Veil Falls from Ferry Landing & 7910

        Man posed in snow on Goat Island, c. 1873, red orange mounts, overall near excellent.

210. Niagara Falls: H.C. White 304 General view of the Falls from Hennepin's View, 1903, dark mount,


211.Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge: F. Jay Haynes, Fargo, D.T. No. 123 fine view of the timber &

        iron deck truss bridge over the Mississippi River.  Can see three spans plus parts of others, several

        men on top, yellow cabinet mount "Official Photographer, Northern Pacific Railway."  Very slight

        soiling mostly to the mount, very good.                                                                 Minimum Bid $60.00

212.Norway: John Anderson Publishing Co., Chicago No. 27 "St. Hanshaugen Etc, Chr," View looking

       across a large reservoir with the city of Christiana in the background, c. 1890, buff mt., nr. excellent.

213. Palestine: Charles Bierstadt No. 3 "Entrance to House of Simon the Tanner, Joppa, 1874 copyright

        from his 1873 tour of North Africa and the Holy Lands.  Close view of the stone-masonry entry way,

       oversized red-orange cabinet mt, nr exc (stains on reverse do not hamper view). Minimum Bid $20.00

214. Palestine: Lot of 2 by B.W. Kilburn, 12678 natives posed on walkway to Garden of Gethsemane and

        Mount of Olives & 12680 Overview of Mount of Olives, 2 natives pose in foreground, 1 w/rifle slung

         on shoulders, 1898, buff mounts, overall very good.

215.Panama Canal Including Teddy Roosevelt Visit: Lot of 6 including the classic views of Pres.

       Teddy Roosevelt seated at the controls of a huge steam-shovel a Culebra Cut plus view of Roosevelt

       talking to workers at Bas Obispo; also 4 other views incl. deep Culebra Cut being dug, the Canal near

       Colon showing beached/partly sunk French ship; people in Cathedral Square, Panama & men in dugout

       boat exploring the upper Chagres River, gray mounts., overall near excellent.

216.Panama Canal: Lot of 5 Keystone views (incl 1 duplicate), 21710 East Chamber, Lower Lock,

       Cofferdam being excavated, Gatun; 21781 U.S.S. Missouri the first battleship to pass from Atlantic to

       Pacific steaming in the canal; 21783 Large steamship in Gatun Locks w/ Sea Level Entrance beyond;

       21784 (2) Large steamship in Gatun Locks, a busy scene with ships at anchor in background ready to

       enter, gray mounts, overall near excellent.

217.Pan-American Exposition: Lot of 6 by Kilburn of the fair in Buffalo, N.Y., 1901, incl. 14471 People

        seated on bench w/man pushing wheelchair beyond w/buildings in backgrd; 14475 Fountain and

        Temple of Music; 14492, 96 & 98 Electric Tower at Night and other buildings illuminated & 14531

        Two women looking a nude female statue(mount rubbed, prints okay), buff mounts, views overall

        very good to near excellent except the latter view which has a worn mount.  Nice lot.

218.Pan-American Exposition: Lot of 2 by B.W. Kilburn of the illuminated Great Electric Tower, 14459

       & 14619, buff mounts, latter has rubbed mount corners but nice prints, good-very good.

219.Pennsylvania-Bush's Park: A.B. Stebbins interior view of the dining hall at Bush's Park on Tioga

       Branch of the Erie Railway, yellow mount, very rich tones, near excellent.          Minimum Bid $25.00                                                                                  

220.Pennsylvania-Meadville: Keystone 29322, outstanding action view of the Meadville Fire Department

       fighting a blaze in the Stone Church, just a short distance from where this auction is being held, c. 1929

       fire pumper at right foreground.  The church was restored and still stands today, gray mount, excellent.

                                                                                                                                        Minimum Bid $25.00 

221.Pennsylvania-Meadville: Keystone file print, cut and mount KU105418.  One of the last views made,

       photographed by Eric Johnson on May 9, 1958 looking up the radio tower of station WMGW in

      Meadville, signed and dated by Eric Johnson, black mount, excellent.                 Minimum Bid $100.00

222.Pennsylvania-Pittsburgh: Lot of 4 Keystones, 6421(67) close of red-hot steal beam from rolling 

        process cut into9 lengths, steel works; W33928(1164) scarce view looking over blast furnaces and

        rolling mills; 34113(1162), aerial hyperstereo of junction of Allegheny & Monongahela Rivers w/city

        in background; 34114(1163) aerial hyperstereo of University of Pittsburgh and Civic Center, gray

        mounts, excellent.                                                                                                   Minimum Bid $40.00


223. Pennsylvania-Susquehanna: Charles Bierstadt No. 2 of the dinner hall in the Starruca house, an

        uncommon view of the 2-story dining room of the Erie Railway's  station-hotel(which still stands),

        c. 1870, green mt, some emulsion spots and slight soil and mount corner wear, very good.

                                                                                                                                        Minimum Bid $60.00

224. Pennsylvania-Susquehanna Valley: E. & H.T. Anthony 9550 "Looking down the Susquehanna

        Valley from Cascade Bridge" on "The Line of the Erie Railway," c. 1870, red-orange mount, nr exc.

225. Pennsylvania Oil Region: C.F. Rice 2805 "Oceola Lease," view of wood derricks along a creek with

        a man posed at mid-foreground, c. 1870, red-orange mt., near excellent.

226. Pennsylvania Railroad: F. Gutekunst, view of double tracks at Pack Saddle.  Part of the pilot beam

        and cow catcher of a locomotive just visible at the right edge, red-orange oversized cabinet mount,

        very good.                                                                                                               Minimum Bid $30.00

227.   Pennsylvania Railroad: F. Gutekunst view of Horseshoe Curve looking toward Kitanning Point,

man stands by track, red-orange cabinet mount, slt soil/corner wear, very good Minimum Bid $40.00

228.   Photography: B.W. Kilburn 5777 "Cheops (Pyramids), Egypt," with a Arab man standing in the mid 

foreground holding a sign that reads "KILBURN VIEWS."  Unusual advertising view, buff mount, excellent.

229.   Photography: C.H. Graves (Universal Photo Art Co.) No. 4645 "Photographing her Dollies," 1903. 

Great close view of a little girl with camera on tripod taking a photo of a chair full of dolls, at least 10 plus a toy bunny, light gray mount, excellent.

230.   Photography: Keystone uncirculated unnumbered/untitled table-top "portrait" of the lighted later version Telebinocular viewer on a stand.  It is believed this view was made to be used as a salesman's sample to show 3-D and sell the viewer, c. 1950s, gray mount, excellent            Minimum Bid $80.00  

231.   Primary Set: Lot of 31 from the Keystone 200 set. Most of these feature great views of children.  Included is 21301(P16) Kids at play w/big snowman, sleds; 2205(P17) Kids with doll, BB gun & toys under Christmas tree; 23099 (P23) Overview of Pittsburgh w/kids in foreground; 21306(P26) 2 little girls on ground w/acorns; plus more incl. P38, P41, P52, P54, P85, P98, P100, P102, P107, P151, P153, P165, P167, P172, P181-185, P188-191, P194-196 & P200, gray mounts, excellent.

232.   Railroads in New Hampshire: Lot of 2 B.W. Kilburn views of Portland & Ogdensburg passenger trains on high trestles in the White Mountains, 4584 & 6810, buff mounts, near excellent.

233.   Railroad Trainwreck: Set of 13 of 15 views of the Tarriffville (Connecticut) Railroad Disaster, Jan. 15, 1878, 13 people were killed and 45 injured.  Photographed by D.S. Camp of Hartford.  A bridge collapsed and plunged a passenger train into a creek or river.  Shows twisted wreckage of the overturned diamond-stack locomotive and crushed passenger cars.  Light gray mount.  Some soiling and mount wear, a couple with wear to the prints.  Overall good to very good.

234.   Railway Bridge: Keystone 11063 (AF24 from the Africa set), Nice close view of the bridge (highest in the World) over the Zambezi at Victoria, Rhodesia, South Africa (from an Underwood & Underwood negative, c. 1905), this published c. late 1920s or later, gray mt., excellent.

235.   Russia: Lot of 2 Keystones, V19561 (U&U neg) soldiers packed onto gondola cars being sent to the front, WWI & 34000 scarce 1930s view of modern Moscow showing busy Kolkhozny Square with automobiles, trucks and trolleys, gray mounts, excellent.

236.   Savages of New Guinea: Keystone 24205 Close view of two man-eaters, gray mount, excellent with a reprint from the Johnson-Shaw Stereoscopic Museum collection of the March 1956 Keystone Travel Club publication featuring half of this view enlarged on the cover, excellent      Minimum Bid $20.00

237.   Scotland: Lot of 4 B.W. Kilburn views of Edinburgh, 6211 Princess Street; 6219 Scott's Monument

(soiled/slight faded); 6227 New Town from Old Town & 6239 The Palm House, Botanic Garden, 1891, buff mounts, 1 faulty view noted, others mostly near excellent.

238.   Ships: Lot of 4 J.F. Jarvis views (sold by U&U), lg. 3-masted British Man-O-War with other ships in Cork Harbor, Ireland, 1887; interior of the Ladies Cabin of the Ocean Steamer City of Rome, 1890;  close bow view of huge German warship Kaiserin Augusta at the Columbus Naval Review, New York Harbor, 1893 & the gallant crew of the U.S. Monitor Terror posed on deck with dog mascot,

buff mounts, overall very good to near excellent, the Monitor view is slight light.

239:  South Tyrol: Lot of 3 by Gefellfdraft m.b.h., wien (Vienna), 1908, beautifully composed, #24

          "Sermime, Garda-Sue;" #26 "Strasse in Arco;" & unnumbered overview of Klausen, on double thick

          print paper, overall near excellent.

240.    Spain: Lot of 27(incl. 1 duplicate) Underwood & Underwood views from the set of 100, includes

27(2), 28-40 of the Alhambra, Grenada; 42(bent between prints); 44-45 Peasants & Gypsies near Grenada; 46-53 of Seville and 63 of busy street in Cadiz, gray mounts, fault noted, overall near excellent.

241. Spanish-American War Ships: Lot of 5 Underwood & Underwood views incl. U.S.S. Detroit at

Naval Rendezvous, Hampton Roads, 1893; launching of battleship "Illinois;" 1898; crew on deck of battleship "Iowa;" 1898; U.S. flag flying on battleship "Oregon; 1899 and twisted deck of Spanish ship "Vizcaya;" 1899(mt. soiled, print okay), fault as noted, otherwise mostly near excellent.

242. Special 3-D Effects: Lot of 2 by F.G. Weller, both composite views made using paper die-cuts set in

views of ice caves giving unusual 3-D effect.  654 "Santa Claus Starting Out" showing Santa in his sleigh coming out of an ice cave & 658 "January" of children at play skating and sledding in ice cave, 1876(sold by Littleton View Co.), buff mounts, mostly near excellent.

243.Special 3-D Effects: Lot of 7 prs by Keystone View Co. demonstrating flat and stereoscopic images &

       a set of 3 demonstrating flat, stereoscopic and pseudoscopic images (17 in all), included is a pair of

        drawings.  Photo views on gray mounts, overall excellent.

244.Strange View: Union View Co. 3161"Early Courtship;" an unusual hand-colored view showing a

       female person seated wearing a deer head being courted by a male wearing a deer head w/antlers, red-

       orange mount, slight worn at corners, otherwise near excellent.

245.Switzerland: Keystone 10747 nice view of a railroad locomotive steaming through the Valley of

       Lauterbrunnen on cold winter day, buff mt, 1900, excellent.

246.Switzerland: Lot of 5 Keystone Views, 1861 & 27526 of Geneva; 10745 entrance to Gorge of the Aar

       River; 6130 & 27545 of wood carvers, gray mounts, mostly excellent.

247.Sundial: William H. Rau(sold by Universal View Co.) "Sol's Clock, Washington Park, Chicago,

       Illinois," unusual floral sundial, gray mount, some soiling, very good.

248.Tissues: Lot of 4 by CN. G. Paris(blindstamped) incl. The Imperial Farm; fountain at Versailles & 2

       untitled parlor scenes, tinted and pin-pricked, some repaired tears, yellow embossed mounts, mostly

       good to very good.

249.Theatre Interior: B.W. Kilburn 6841, interior of Park Theatre showing the ornate stage area,

       Philadelphia, 1891, buff mount, very good.

250.Uncut Sheets of Lithograph Stereos: Lot of 2 sheets of printer's waste of Griffith & Griffith views, 

       29" X 44" of 48 color litho views per sheet.  Some edge tears on one and other torn in middle, can be

       restored for framing, overall good.

251.Utah Parks: Keystone set of 36 (no box), great scenes and studies of rock formations, canyons plus

       tourists at the parks.  Includes Zion National Park (1-17); Cedar Breaks (18-19) & Bryce Canyon(20-

       36), c. 1929 including terrific views of automobiles on mountain roads, at Zion Lodge, driving through

       tunnel at Red Canyon on way to Bryce plus tourists on horseback at the Bryce Canyon Lodge, gray

       mounts, mostly excellent.

252.Venezuela-Colombia Geography Unit: Keystone set of 25 (no box) featuring views 851G-875G),

        c. late 1930s, scarce views, especially of street scenes with automobiles, native life mixed with

       modernization of the area, gray mounts (875 has mount edge damage, prints okay), slight water-stain at

       bottom edge but does not hamper the prints, faults noted, otherwise excellent.

253.Vermont: A.F. Styles 192 "Valley of the Winooski, Waterbury," c. 1860s, early  scenic study, yellow

        mount bent between prints, good.

254.Washington, D.C.: Bell & Bro. view of the Navy Department, c. 1860s with two early horse-cars in

       front, yellow mt., a very minor edge crease into the lower right edge, very good. Minimum Bid $60.00

255.Washington: D.C.: L. Cudlip view of the Botanic Garden with the Capitol in the background, c. late

       1860s, yellow mount, very good.

256.Washington, D.C.: Lot of 7 B.W. Kilburn views, incl. 6557 of Navy and War Department; 7145,

        7156-7, 7159 & 7167 of the White House and 7204 of the Senate Chamber, 1891-1892, buff mts,

        some slight soiling/wear, mostly very good.

257.Washington State: Keystone 29585, nice overview of Seattle's business district from Smith Building,

        c. 1920s, gray mount, excellent.

258.West Indies: Lot of 3 Keystone views including 2 of British W.I. (14416, Soufriere Volcano, St.

        Vincent & 14455, cocoa pods on tree, Dominica) and 20569 Martinique, French W.I., gray mounts,




Large Format Keystone View Co. Movie Still Prints of Western Frontier Life


259. Set of 15, 8" X 10" black & white photos from motion pictures on 9 ¼" X 11" thick cards to be used in

        school social studies classes, copyright 1946 "Prepared by Photographic History Service, Hollywood,

        California, for Keystone View Company, Meadville, Penna, Publishers and Distributors." Also

         included are two instruction and title cards (17 cards in all). Great scenes from Sutter's Gold, The Big

        Trail, Treachery Rides the Range, World Changes, Desert Schooners, Pony Express, Moonlight on the

        Prairie, and Virginia City. Uncirculated, like new in cardboard box listing other sets that were offered.

                                                                                                                                        Minimum Bid $40.00


More Stereo Views


260. Williamsburg: Lot of 6 of 50  from the scarce Keystone "American History Units" set of Colonial

         Williamsburg, Va., 1955, incl. 38414(1) horse-drawn carriage (c. 1954 auto in background);

          38423(10) Black cook in kitchen of Raleigh Tavern; 38445(33), inside the wigmaker's shop;

          38455(43) George Wythe House; 38457 (45), woman spinning flax & 38458(46) woman weaving

          hand towels, gray mounts, excellent, plus the booklet for the set, excellent.      Minimum Bid $95.00


261.   The World Visualized: Box of 135 Underwood & Underwood views from the scarce 1000 view set

sold to schools.  These are the views with the "S" prefix in the upper right corner.  The views were often drawn from stocks of existing sets and will have numbers for those sets also either in the top center or before the stock number at bottom.  Complete sets are extremely uncommon having been broken up years ago or badly worn out by use in schools.  Here is a box full of miscellaneous views in very nice condition.  A wide variety of subjects from as low as S2 (10740) State House, Boston to a high of S973(3915) girls picking tea, Japan.  Many better subjects including the Singer Building under construction in New York City; New Jersey Ferry loaded with passengers; women working in Paterson, NJ mill; train on Horseshoe Curve; Pres. Wilson and Cabinet; Blacks on turpentine farm, N.C.; child labor in Columbia, S.C. mill, etc., gray mounts with rich sepia prints.  The box is labeled for views 621-804.  Views overall are excellent, box is solid (not a book box) but rubbed/slight worn.

262. World's Columbian Exposition, 1893-94: Lot of 15 B.W. Kilburn views on the official gray mounts (these are the views sold at the fair in Chicago with the "Department of Photography" imprint w/profile of Columbus on reverse).  Includes 7850, 7965(plus variant), 8012 Liberty Bell, 8035, 8041, 8104, 8155, 8172, 8182, 8189, 8200, 8228 locomotive 999; 8239 & 8322 North Dakota State Bldg, light gray mounts, mixed condition, some with waterstains (on edges and backs), mostly very good.

263. World's Columbian Exposition, 1893-94: Lot of 7 B.W. Kilburn views, all unnumbered but titled.  In over 30 years of collecting I have never seen these views without numbers. Includes "Midway Plaisance looking West" clearly showing in the background the Great Ferris Wheel under construction!  There is scaffolding on both sides of the wheel as seen on end.  People stroll in the foreground in winter coats indicating this was an open-house day prior to the opening. Also included are interior of Liberal Arts, interior of Music Hall with people watching the orchestra, great crowd(again in heavy coats) outside Woman's Building, Austrian Exhibit in Liberal Arts, Transportation Bldg. w/people and a delivery wagon & German Exhibit in Liberal Arts. buff mounts, overall near excellent.

264. World's Columbian Exposition, 1893-94: Lot of 42 B.W. Kilburn views incl. 7556 Distant view

showing construction, 7922 can see Pres. Cleveland with magnification at opening, 7929, 7942, 7965, 7971, 7982, 7989, 7994, 8014, 8029, 8033, 8042, 8045, 8061, 8139, 8142, 8155, 8218, 8360, 8386, 8413, 8472, 8507, 8510, 8570 carriages in Transportation Bldg, 8684, 8800, 8814, 8819 Great telescope, 8845, 8849, 8866, 8903 Farm machinery, 8914, 8955, 8963, 8965, 8969, 9022, 9172 & 9173 ruins of Cold Storage bldg after fire, railway station at right, buff mounts, mixed condition, few with watrerstained edges, a few w/light prints, slight soil, overall very good.

265. World's Columbian Exposition, 1893-94: Strohmeyer & Wyman (sold by Underwood &

Underwood) "The Chinese Guard," great close view of a Chinese soldier standing at attention with his rifle in the Chinese Exhibit.  This was an unofficial view by Henry Strohmeyer who went on the grounds during the winter break and made unlicensed views.  Apparently the guard was on duty and was asked to pose, not realizing the Strohmeyer was not an official photographer.  Buff mount, near excellent.


266.World War I: Underwood & Underwood 14301 Close view of a large tank crossing the Somme, gray

        mt., excellent.

267.World War I: Realistic Travels 43 "The Icy Grip of winter settles down on the Belgian trenches at

        Nieuport," nice view of very cold troops standing in their snow-covered trench, dark gray mt., exc.

268.World War I: Lot of 2 action views by Realistic Travels, 181 & 182 showing British troops

        advancing out of trench to break line at Epehy & crossing shell torn canal de Nord showing smoke

        from bursting shells, light gray mounts, excellent.

269.World War I: Lot of 7 Realistic Travels views, 17 flooded lowlands; 20 bursting shell, 21 French

       graves in cemetery smashed by shelling, 22 Gurkhas advancing, 23 Leicesters advancing pass dead

       troops at Ypres, 26 stretcher-bearers load wounded & 101 British naval officer on deck of destroyer

       watching for submarines, gray mounts, trimmed at corners, excellent.

270.Yosemite: Lot of 5 E. & H.T. Anthony "Glories of the Yosemite, California" series, nice scenic studies

        including 58, 59, 69, 77 & 94, yellow cabinet mount, 4 w/paper labels on backs, overall very good to

        near excellent.

271.Yosemite: E. & H.T. Anthony 7386 close view of The Merced Cascades, red-orange mount, excellent.

                                                                                                                                        Minimum Bid $15.00

272.Yosemite: Charles Bierstadt 1104 "View from Best General View, Yosemite, Valley," c. 1870s, nice

        scenic study with falls seen from different angle than usual, red-orange oversize cabinet mount, the

        mount has a couple light creases that were apparently there before the mounting because the print is

        okay and views fine, very good.                                                                             Minimum Bid $20.00

273.Yosemite: Lot of 2 B.W. Kilburn views, 9277 "Vernal Falls" and 9312 "The Great South Domes" as

        seen from the valley with people at mid distance, buff mounts, near excellent.


                                                                             End of Auction

                                                                      Thank you for bidding