October 18, 2010

Davis Auction & Realty

205 Woodlawn

Quincy, IL 62301

Dear Deb and Larry,

Many thanks for your help selling my house! You were thorough and patient while explaining the auction process and your services, including pros and cons; and, your confidence that my house would sell for a reasonable price was quite comforting.

I would have been thrilled to have my house sold during one of your auctions, but low and behold you sold it even quicker than that! I couldnít believe that within 48 hours of signing a contract with you there was a flyer, a sign in my yard, ads in the local paper, and a private showing that yielded multiple offers.

Iím delighted with the purchase price, particularly in this tough market, and I couldnít be happier that I chose to pursue your professional and personable service. Thanks again!


Wendy Powers

608 South 22nd Street