Have Real Estate to sell? Sell it in a day…..our 30 minute way!

Buyer Information...

  As a buyer of real estate, the auction method is becoming very popular. It is a quick and safe method and allows YOU to determine the true value of the property.

Prior to the auction, we will host an open house for your inspections. Take time to inspect and ask us any question pertaining to the home and the auction process. We will provide you with printed terms and conditions and an informational fact sheet on the property. We will also post the actual sales contract and any disclosures on the property. If you so desire, bring a qualified inspector to advise you on the property’s condition. All real estate auctions are conducted “as is – where is”, meaning no contingencies, no negotiations, no warranties. Title insurance is provided on the properties we auction.

All buyers/bidders MUST be pre-qualified and have the pre-specified non-refundable down payment in hand on the day of the auction. The deposit is applied towards the purchase price of the property and is held in escrow until closing. A Buyers Premium is added to the final high bid. This Premium is a means of sharing the cost of the auction between the buyer and seller. Working with a realtor/broker? We welcome and honor their participation and co-op accordingly. If you are the high bidder and the bid is accepted by the Seller, you will sign a simple contract, provide the specified down payment and the home is yours! All taxes, utilities and rents are pro-rated till the day of closing. Most properties close in 30 days or sooner. It is that quick – that simple!